Fairview Elementary Columbia, MO

Fairview Elementary Columbia, MO

Fairview Elementary Columbia, MOFairview Elementary Columbia, MO



How It Works


Fairview students have been listening to short selections of the music listed in the bracket. They have been voting for their favorites, and we have been narrowing the choices down until we have a favorite song voted as the WINNER! 

Fairview students will now be voting from home.


Teachers filled out the song brackets ahead of time based on what they thought the students would vote for as the winning song.  Teachers get points for every correct answer!

Check Out the Current Bracket

Current Teacher Rankings

So far...

  1. Bentele, Burke, Willenberg
  2. Robb
  3. Kinney
  4. DeMoss
  5. Allai, Bickel, McCune, Washington 


The Final Four Round of voting will be close on 

Friday, April 10 at 12 noon.

1. Watch the Video below. (new video coming Soon)

2. CLICK HERE to vote in the Final 4 round!

Only Fairview students should vote and 

only one vote per student, please!

Please be honest to keep this fun and fair for our school!