On this site you can learn about our fourth and fifth grade choir as well as the recorder unit we teach to fourth graders. You can also learn about the Fairview music teacher by visiting the About Mrs. Dexheimer page. Check out the fun music links page to play some awesome music games and don't forget to visit our Facebook page or Twitter to keep up-to-date about music at Fairview! 

Choir Jr. Mini Course

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Fairview Classroom Variety Shows

Find out more information about Fairview's classroom variety shows.

4th and 5th Grade Choir

Want to know more about the fourth and fifth grade choir at Fairview? Click here to learn all about it!

Recommended Private Instructors

Click here to see a list of private instrumental and vocal music instructors recommended by Columbia Public Schools.

Upcoming Events

Fairview Choir Concert

April 30, 2018

During School Assembly


Fairview Gym

Fairview Choir Concert

May 1, 2018

6:30pm - Concert for 5th grade families

7:00pm - Ice Cream Social begins

7:15pm - Concert for 4th grade families

Classroom Variety Shows

B day music classes - Wednesday, May 2

C day music classes - Thursday, May 3

D day music classes - Friday, May 4

A day music classes - Monday, May 7


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