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Recorder Unit


As part of the Columbia Public School's music curriculum, fourth grade students participate in a recorder unit.  Recorders are plastic wind instruments which  give students experience playing an instrument as well as reading music.  This unit is a favorite among students and will serve as an excellent forerunner for future studies of other instruments. 

This year the students will participate in "Recorder Karate." This allows students to earn "belts" for the mastery of various songs.  

Students participating in Recorder Karate can visit the links to the accompaniments and websites below to practice their recorder songs at home. 

Practice At Home

Recorder Karate Accompaniment Songs

Username: karate

Password: Contact sdexheimer@cpsk12.org for the password 

Recorder Karate - Grade 4 (pdf)


Recorder Karate - Grade 5 (pdf)



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